Sustainability & Innovation

The quality label carried by Duroc d’Olives guarantees tasty, tender and juicy pork. That culinary delight remains a key aspiration for us. But there is more. Through our product process, we uphold guaranteed food safety, optimal animal welfare and current environmental standards.

Food safety

As in all European countries, Belgium has strict legislation on food safety. We comply with the standards of BePork. This is a Belgian quality label, overseen by the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (AFSCA/FAVV). 

Animal well-being

Naturally enough, to produce top-quality meat, you must first take care of your animals. That’s why we are so devoted to their well-being: suitable housing, a healthy diet, respectful handling, and careful transport and slaughtering.  Want to know more about our commitment to animal welfare? Download our six commitments to animal welfare here.


Over the last decade, Europe’s agricultural sector has made major efforts in the fields of energy and water savings as well in manure management. Duroc d’Olives is proud to say that it complies with the strictest environmental requirements. 

Training and education

The quality of our pork meat is a key consideration for all our colleagues at Duroc d’Olives. We also enjoy raising our visitors’ awareness about our vision and approach. 

Collaboration with local butchers

  • Duroc d’Olives has chosen to work with traditional butchers. We are convinced that your local butcher is the best-placed professional to offer you a delicious pork piece, which is tasty and of high quality. 
  • All our pigs are traceable, thanks to the Duroc d’Olives brand’s stamp on the meat.