Duroc d’Olives Olive Oil: the perfect partnership!

Duroc d’Olives sets the bar very high. So you can enjoy the very tastiest of pork meats – they are perfectly tender and juicy. The secret ingredients are our top pig breed and its high-quality natural feed. You can enhance the taste of your meals by preparing delicious side dishes with Duroc d’Olives Olive Oil. It is made from 100% Arbequina Extra Virgin Oil Olive, first cold pressed, specially selected by us from Portugal. This premium product boasts a pure and mild flavour, with notes of almond and artichoke. It’s delicious!

Hot or cold
Duroc d’Olives Olive Oil is great for cooking or grilling your pork chops, sausages or a roast dinner with meat from Duroc d’Olives. You can of course also use it in many other hot dishes, served with or without meat. Our olive oil also goes well with cold dishes, such as salads and starters. Let imagination be your guide. Enjoy your meal!