Discover the unique story behind Duroc D’Olives

Healthy and delicious pork meat. Kind to people and planet. That’s what characterizes Duroc D’Olives. So customers can enjoy tender and exceptionally tasty meat, in an honest and authentic way.

We care are for our pigs

The living conditions of our pigs are important to us. The animals are exposed to sufficient sunlight and have plenty of room to play and move around, making them feel good. And giving your piece of meat a delicious taste. Our products are healthy and tender thanks to the pig feed which has olive oil as a source of fat.“A lot of different aspects contribute to the unique meat of our quality label. We take care of our planet and want you to enjoy a tasteful experience. To us, both go hand in hand.”We are proud ambassadors of “Lekker van bij ons”, a label of the Flemish organisation VLAM to promote local consumption. Local meat is sustainable, easy to get and answers to strong regulations concerning environmental issues and animal welfare. Guaranteeing delicious, tender and juicy pork meat.Discover our unique story and tasty pork meat in this video of VLAM.