The Duroc pig

A breed apart

Duroc d'Olives pig

Instantly recognisable

The Duroc pig differs from its counterparts because of its red coat and drooping ears. However, not all Durocs have the red coat, which varies from a light golden yellow to a very dark brown mahogany colour. Other pig breeds simply don’t have this range of colours. This is what makes Durocs so special, to say the least!

Fascinating origins

Where exactly does the Duroc pig come from? There are various theories behind its origin. According to some sources, this breed came from Africa and was introduced to America via the slave trade. Other sources mention that Christopher Columbus transported the breed to Novia Scotia in America. The one thing we can be sure of is that our Duroc pigs are descended from the Red Durocs in New York and Jersey Reds in New Jersey. We believe that is the most plausible explanation.

A renowned breed which caught the world’s attention

In the 19th century, the Duroc pig was already making a name for itself, with a dedicated Duroc show at the 1893 world’s fair in Chicago. These animals proved highly popular and remain so to this day. Their renown continues to grow worldwide.

Duroc d’Olives: an imaginative crossbreed

The superb meat quality of the Duroc d’Olives, which you can find at your butcher, stems from the crossing of two breeds with a strong character. We cross a white hardy sow, famed for its exceptional meat quality, with a brown-red Duroc boar. Duroc pigs benefit from intramuscular fat and a darker meat which is more tender and tasty. This results in a light brown-red crossbreed guaranteeing a delicious, tender and juicy meat.

Duroc d’Olives Rouge: the ultimate in taste from pure-bred Durocs

For meat-lovers who see themselves as gourmets, we have launched the ‘Rouge’ label. It stands for meat that is 100% sourced from pure Duroc pigs, so that people can really enjoy this breed. Here ‘Rouge’ refers to the animals’ dark brown-red coat and the dark colour of the meat. Pure Duroc has more intramuscular fat. This results in more flavour on the plate, with an even stronger and more intense taste. So it comes as no surprise that this pork meat can be found in the kitchens of more and more Belgian chefs. You’ll find Duroc d’Olives Rouge at leading butchers.