Pig feed

We are what we eat. This saying goes not only for us, as human beings, but also for the pigs, which depend on having a healthy diet. With the collaboration of University of Ghent specialists, we developed a feed formulation for our pigs based on in-depth research. So we focused on three pillars:

Taste and tenderness of the meat

We chose olive oil as a source of fat in the pig feed for a specific reason. Olive oil enhances the taste of the meat and makes it even tenderer. Thanks to our pig feed programme, fat starts to form at just the right time in the animals’ development.

Olive oil

A diet of healthier fats

As everyone knows, olive oil is recommended for healthy cooking. This oil contains very few of the saturated fats that are harmful for our health, and has lots of mono-unsaturated fatty acids. Our pigs absorb this oil as part of their feed, so we find a similar amount of fatty acids in the pigs’ body fat. 

A fixed formulation

The ingredients in our pig feed are based on scientific research. The basis of this feed is a blend of pure raw grains (wheat, barley, maize), fibres and proteins. We add olive oil to this mixture as a source of fat. By always sticking to the same formulation, we are able to guarantee the consistent quality of our uniquely tender pork meat.