About Duroc d'Olives

Tender, healthy and exceptionally tasty: these are the three most valuable qualities of Duroc d’Olives pork.

Duroc varken 1920

The Duroc pig

Instantly recognisable

The Duroc pig differs from its counterparts because of its red coat and drooping ears. However, not all Durocs have the red coat, which varies from a light golden yellow to a very dark brown mahogany colour. Other pig breeds simply don’t have this range of colours. This is what makes Durocs so special, to say the least!

Pig feed

We are what we eat

This saying goes not only for us, as human beings, but also for the pigs, which depend on having a healthy diet. With the collaboration of University of Ghent specialists, we developed a feed formulation for our pigs based on in-depth research. So we focused on three pillars:

Duroc d'Olives 2016