The Duroc pig

The Duroc pig differs from its counterparts because of its red coat and drooping ears. However, not all Durocs have the red coat, which varies from a light golden yellow to a very dark brown mahogany colour. Other pig breeds simply don’t have this range of colours. This is what makes Durocs so special, to say the least!

Product Range

Tender, juicy and exceptionally delicious: these are the three most valuable qualities of Duroc d’Olives pork. We have a wide range of fresh meat, charcuterie and more.


In our pursuit of a culinary quality product, we attach great importance to local production, among other things. Meanwhile, we work with a selection of farmers, spread all over Belgium.


Pure grains and olive oil: nowhere else in the world is there a healthier pig diet. Olive oil, by the way, contains a lot of Omega 9 fatty acid, and you find that in the pork fat. The result: the tenderest and juiciest pork with a delicious taste!


You can immediately recognize the Duroc pig by its reddish-brown coat and drooping ears. But much more important than its looks is the high quality of its meat. This breed has more fat between the muscles. This makes the typical, marbled meat more tender and succulent.